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From the Fall, 2013, Wayne Township Newsletter

My staff and I completed the 2013 assessments in September, 2013.  The final date to file a 2013 assessment appeal was October 18th.  Assessment appeal hearings were held in December.  Board of Review decisions will be mailed on March 14, 2014 

We are now working on the 2014 assessments, which we hope to complete by September, 2014.

As a reminder, my office cannot control the overall level of taxation through assessments; rather, we can only ensure that the tax burden is spread fairly among residents. 

If assessments are reduced, but spending by taxing districts remains the same, tax rates will automatically increase, allowing the taxing districts to collect the same tax dollars. 

Unfortunately, although the assessments have been reduced significantly, most taxing bodies have either maintained the same spending levels or more likely, increased them, resulting in increased tax rates.  In most cases, tax rates have increased by a greater percentage than the assessments have been reduced, resulting in higher taxes each year.

To review the information in your property assessment record, visit our website and register for the advanced property search.

If you recently purchased your property and have received letters from attorneys or consultants offering to represent you in an assessment appeal, please call my office before signing any agreement with them.  If a reduction is warranted based on the purchase price, you should not have to pay a portion of your tax savings to a third party. 

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