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Welcome to the Wayne Township
Assessor's Office Website

It has been my goal, since I became the Wayne Township Assessor, to increase public awareness of the property assessment function, to eliminate the confusion surrounding the property tax system in DuPage County and to promote communication between my office and property owners in Wayne Township.

I also want to ensure that homeowners are receiving all of the tax-saving exemptions to which they are entitled. This website was designed to help us to achieve that goal, to increase your access to information and to help my office to place the fairest, most equitable assessments possible.

It is the function of my office to ensure that the almost 23,000 parcels of property in Wayne Township are uniformly assessed at a median level of 33 1/3% (one-third) of market value. This ensures a fair distribution of tax dollars among property owners. These tax dollars provide resources for local services such as villages, schools, libraries, park districts and fire protection districts.

If you question your assessment, my staff is prepared to discuss it with you. Homeowners who receive solicitations from attorneys or tax consultants should contact my office before signing agreements committing to paying a percentage of any tax savings to the consultants.   

Other services available in my office are voter registration, and notary public. My office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

I hope you find this web site informative and easy to navigate. I encourage your feedback.

Yours truly,

Michael E. Musson, C.I.A.O., MPA 
Wayne Township Assessor 

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