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News Articles of Interest to Property Owners

DuPage people will be happy about tax bills; Kane residents won't.  By Dave Gathman, The Courier News,  Posted May 1, 2015

Error means bigger tax bill for some in Kane County.  By James Fuller, Daily Herald, Posted March 5, 2015

Some U-46 residents say no to higher taxes, expenses.  By Madhu Krishnamurthy, Daily Herald,  Posted September 16, 2014

Overcharged taxpayers speak out at Bartlett meeting.  By Katlyn Smith, Daily Herald, Posted September 11, 2014

Kane residents benefit from county tax mistake; DuPage residents outraged.  By Dave Gathman,  The Courier News,  Posted 8/22/2014

Kane County foulup stuck property owners with unfair share of taxes.  By Dave Gathman, The Courier News, Posted July 1, 2014 

Illinois home sales, prices, continue an upward climb.  Daily Herald, Posted September 29, 2013.

DuPage property values drop, but taxes don't.  By Robert Sanchez, Daily Herald, Posted April 9, 2013

Local home sales spike, prices edge up in Feb. By Mary Ellen Podmolik, Chicago Tribune, Posted March 22, 2013

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