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2016 Assessments

My staff and I have completed the 2016 assessments.  The equalization notice will be published in the Examiner newspapers on September 28, 2016.  Wayne Township received an equalization factor of 1.0564 to raise the median level of assessments to 33 1/3% (one-third) of market value, as required by state statute. 

The equalization factor will not cause taxes to increase, because it was applied uniformly to all assessments.  Taxes increase when your taxing districts such as schools, villages, libraries and park districts increase their spending.

Your assessed value, multiplied by three, indicates the estimated market value of your property as of January 1, 2016, based on sales that occurred between 2013 and 2015.  Please call my office at (630)231-8900 if you have questions about your 2016 assessed value.

The final date to file an assessment appeal is October 28, 2016.  Appeals may be based on either market value or uniformity.  In a market value appeal, the appellant must provide evidence that the market value indicated by the assessed value (the assessed value multiplied by three) exceeds the true market value of the property.  In an appeal based on assessment uniformity, the appellant must provide evidence that the subject property is not assessed uniformly with comparable properties that have similar features.

I encourage property owners to contact my office prior to filing formal assessment appeals.  Property owners who recently purchased their properties, who have received letters from agents offering to represent them in assessment appeals should contact my office before signing agreements that commit them to paying these third parties for assessment reductions.

As always, my staff and I are working to help you better understand the property tax cycle and assessment process.  Please contact my office if you want to have me speak before your homeowners association, club or civic group.

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